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Fragrance Lamps are the modern and ultimate product to refresh the home. They're a brilliant way to eliminate odours, purify the room's air or just gently fragrance any room in the house.

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This is an absolutely stunning fragrance lamp, utilising the century old catalytic combustion technique. The stunning fragrance lamp is hand crafted with a Venetian art design, displaying bright statement colours which are piercing red, electric blue and deep green swirls that cover the glass. These bright colours look amazing with a bright shiny gold cap. The design comes with a gold snuffer cap and decorative cap for when it’s at work evaporating and sending out the amazing aroma around the room. It is presented in a wonderful black gift box with golden calligraphy and designs on the lid and around the sides. The lamp itself is approx. 12cm tall, the box being approx. 15cm long and 10cm wide. To use the lamp simply place a fragranced lamp oil of your choice inside. Insert the wick into the fragrance with the stone placed on top and leave to soak for around 20-30 minutes. Place the lamp on a heat resistant surface and light the stone (be aware that the flame may become quite high and the stone will get hot). Leave the flame lit for around 2-3 minutes without any caps over it, then simply blow the flame out. Place the decorative cap supplied over the stone as the lamp gets to work evaporating the fragrance. To stop it, simply take the decorative cap off (be careful as it may be hot!!) and place the snuffer cap over the stone, this will stop the fragrance from evaporating.

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